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About the Libraries

Information about Whangarei District Libraries' aims and how they are achieved.
Updated: 25/08/2019 5:01 p.m.

Browsing books in a library.

The Whangarei Central Library with Kamo, Onerahi, Tikipunga branch libraries and the Mobile Library together with the eight community libraries provide a broad coverage of library services throughout the Whangarei District, creating safe social spaces for lifelong learning while at the same time fulfilling leisure and recreational needs.

What we do

The goal of Library Services is to provide information, education, recreation services and resources, which are accessible and conveniently located, to the people of the Whangarei District. Although the library provides a number of varied services, its principal activities are to:

  • educate the community, providing lifelong learning – this includes providing access to computers and the internet, and training in how to use them
  • provide information to the community
  • provide relaxation and enjoyment through books, audiovisual media, technology, events at the library and the creation of a safe meeting space
  • provide these services equitably as possible across the District via the central library, strategically placed branch and community libraries and the mobile library.

Whangarei District Council has:

  • four libraries – Whangarei Central Library, plus three branches: Kamo, Onerahi and Tikipunga Libraries
  • one Mobile Library
  • resources of 2.5 items per capita as compared to the recommended national standard of 3.0.

Whangarei District Libraries also administer grants for and offer professional support to eight community libraries staffed by volunteers: Hikurangi, Matapouri, Ngunguru, Ruakaka, Tauraroa, Waipu, Whananaki, and Whangarei Heads.

Why we do it

In New Zealand, 97% of local authorities provide a public library.

The Local Government Act 2002 requires that where such a service is provided, the residents are able to join the library free of charge.

The Whangarei library service is the District’s only public library service in an area which has a higher than average proportion of people under 25 and over 45 – prime users of library services. The library service is well used with 68% of residents consistently reporting they have visited a library in the past year.

Book replacement is determined by the guidelines contained within the Collection Development Policy. The general guidelines for the length of time before an item is replaced are:

  • Fiction - 8 years
  • Non Fiction - 10 years
  • Children's and Teens - 5 years
  • usage, condition and availability are also taken into consideration.




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