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Internet Services Policy

This page contains conditions for using computers in Whangrei District Libraries to access the Internet.
Updated: 4/02/2019 2:20 p.m.

Conditions of Internet Access for Library Computers

Access is provided to the Internet on public computers by Whangarei District Libraries to enable customers to access the wealth of information available.

While the Library will attempt to block access to Internet sites with explicit content, which may reasonably be considered to be objectionable or offensive, it cannot guarantee that users will not encounter sites with content which they find offensive.

While the Library will assist children in the safe use of the Internet it does not accept responsibility for supervising that use. Parents and caregivers have the primary responsibility for supervising their children's use of the Library, including their use of the Internet.

The Library reserves the right to terminate any customer's access to the Internet if staff consider that the customer is behaving in an unacceptable way. Unacceptable behaviour includes:

  1. viewing what is deemed by the Library to be offensive or objectionable material
  2. acting in any way that might endanger the security of the Library network, or the integrity or security of any other network or Internet site
  3. use of Library computers to infringe copyright, including by means of file sharing; and acting in any way contrary to these Conditions of Access.

The Library has no control over and will give no guarantees as to the currency, accuracy or reliability of information on the Internet, and will accept no responsibility for any losses or damages resulting from the use of this information.

The Library cannot guarantee the security of any personal data or information transmitted using the Library public access Internet facilities.

Any link which may be provided from the Library website to any other website does not imply an endorsement of that other website or its content by either the Whangarei Libraries or the Whangarei District Council.

Due to the size of some down loads, access to most audio and video files will not be available on these computers.



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