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Information about BorrowBox an eBook and eAudiobook borrowing service.
Updated: 10/11/2020 11:07 a.m.

Link to BorrowBox website. Opens in a new window.

Download eBooks and eAudiobooks with BorrowBoxBorrowBox on a smart phone.

eBooks and eAudiobooks from Bolinda Digital your library in one app!

Download eBooks and audiobooks onto your computer or tablet and mobile devices with the BorrowBox app to read or listen to anywhere and everywhere anytime.

Titles include fiction and non fiction for adults, teens and children.

To use BorrowBox you will need

  • to be a current member of Whangarei District Libraries with a valid library card number and PIN.

    Please note: Library membership expires every
    2 years when you will need to contact us to update your membership details.

  • Internet access

  • a compatible device with software or an app for downloading and reading eBooks or listening to eAudiobooks

    Please note: Amazon Kindle eReaders are generally not a compatible device for reading library eBooks in New Zealand.

  • The Borrowbox Library app or software (Adobe Digital Editions) so you can read DRM protected eBooks and listen to eAudiobooks on mobile devices or computer.

  • an Adobe ID to authorise your devices for reading eBooks with DRM copyright protection.

BorrowBox Library app

Link to BorrowBox app on Apple App Store. Opens in a new window.   Link to BorrowBox app on Google Play. Opens in a new window.

Adobe Digital Editions for Windows and Macintosh

Adobe Digital Editions

Using BorrowBox

  • Online: Go the Whangarei District Libraries BorrowBox website and login with your Library card barcode number and PIN

Go to BorrowBox

  • Apps: Install the BorrowBox Library app on your device. Type Whangarei Libraries in the library search box and then enter your library card barcode number and PIN.
  • You will be asked to complete a registration process with BorrowBox which includes agreeing to their Terms and Conditions, setting your preferences and providing a valid email address BorrowBox will send you an email when a hold is available to borrow or due to expire.

Searching the Catalogue

  • You can either browse the catalogue or enter keywords by title, author or narrator (for audiobooks) into the search box.

  • Symbols appearing with titles: Book = eBook, Headphones = eAudiobook;
    Green = available to borrow, Orange = on loan and you can place a hold.
    As for our physical library, you may only borrow a title that is not out on loan.

  • Select a title from the search results. You can read extracts and listen to excerpts.


  • Using the app: Once you have found a title, click Borrow then Confirm Loan buttons to start downloading your eBook or eAudiobook title.
    You do not need to be connected to the internet to read or listen to your items.
  • For eReaders: Login and browse BorrowBox website on your computer, select and confirm your loan and click Download eBook (Adobe ePub).
    Once the URLLink.ascm file has downloaded, a pop up screen appears asking whether you want to Open, Run or Save - select Open with Adobe Digital Editions.

    Plug your eReader into your computer, check that it is in the appearing in the list in the left panel in Adobe Digital Editions, then drag your eBook onto your eReader.
  • To transfer eAudiobooks to mp3 devices: Login and browse BorrowBox website on your computer, select and confirm your loan. Click Download complet eAudiobook and if a pop up screen appears asking whether you want to Open, Run or Save - select save the .zip file to your computer.

    Unzip the mp3 file to a folder and transfer the eAudiobook files to your device as you usually would via iTunes, or another file manager, or simply listen to them on your computer.

BorrowBox guidelines

  • Check Outs: 4 eBook and 4 eAudiobook titles can be checked out at the same time.

  • Lending periods: There is a choice of lending periods: 7 or 14 days.
    Use 7 days for eAudiobooks if you know you will finish it within a week

  • Holds: Yes you can reserve. When you place a hold, it counts towards your total number of checkouts.

    The item will automatically activate in your account when it becomes available. You will receive a notification email from BorrowBox.

    The 7 or 14 day loan period begins as soon as the item is activated.

  • Renewals: You can renew items even if the title has holds on it. Limit of 2 renewals.

  • Return early: You can return a title early. Use My Account page or My Loans on the mobile app.

  • Expired items: On mobile devices - eBooks and eAudiobooks are deleted automatically.
    On a computer - eBooks will still appear in Adobe Digital Editions but if try to open it you will get the option to delete it.

    eAudiobooks - on a computer or mp3 player have to be manually deleted.

  • EmailsBorrowBox only sends emails to confirm loans, remind you of expiry dates and notify you of holds available.

Need more help

eReader tutorials at the library

We offer free tutorials for library members who need help learning how to download and open eBooks, eMagazines and eAudiobooks onto their mobile devices.

Contact us to make an appointment for a lesson:




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