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About eBooks

Information about free eBook and eAudiobook download services.
Updated: 1/04/2020 7:08 p.m.

Picture of a person reading an eBook.

Read or listen to you favourite books anywhere, anytime

eBooks and eAudiobooks are electronic versions of a printed book that you can download and read on a computer or portable device such as an eReader, tablet, iPad, iPod or smartphone.

Library members can borrow and download fiction and non fiction eBooks, eMagazines and eAudiobooks for free through BorrowBox, ePlatform, Ebook Central, Nove-L by OverDrive, uLibrary and Audio Book Cloud websites or apps.

To download eBooks you will need:

  • a valid Whangarei District Library card number and PIN

  • Internet access for browsing and downloading eBooks adn eAudiobooks

  • a compatible device with software or an app for downloading and reading eBooks or listening to eAudiobooks.

    Note: Amazon Kindle eReaders are generally not a compatible device for downloading library eBooks in New Zealand.

  • an Adobe ID to authorise computers and mobile devices so you will be able to download and read eBooks that are copy protected with Digital Rights Management (DRM).

eBooks and eAudiobooks

Link to BorrowBox. Opens in a new window. BorrowBox for eBooks and eAudiobooks
 More information about Borrowbox
 Go to BorrowBox

Link to Nove-L  for downloading eBooks and audiobooks. Opens in a new window. Nove-L/OverDrive for eBooks and eAudiobooks

More information about Nove-L and OverDrive
Go to Nove-L


Link to Wheelers eBooks for downloading eBooks. Opens in a new window.  ePlatform by Wheelers for eBooks and eAudiobooks
  More information about ePlatform 
Go to ePlatform


Link to TumbleBooks Library. TumbleBooks Library

eBooks, eAudiobooks and educational resources for children and teens plus Romance eBooks for adults.
More information about TumbleBooks Library


eMagazines and Comics

Link to Northland Libraries RBdigital eMagazines website. Opens in a new window. RBdigital eMagazines
  More information about RBdigital eMagazines
  Go to Northland Libraries RBdigital eMagazines



Link to uLibrary eAudiobooks website. Opens in a new window. uLibrary eAudiobooks
  More information about uLibrary eAudiobooks
  Go uLibrary



Link to Audio Cook Cloud website. Opens in a new window. Audio Book Cloud

An eAudiobook streaming service.
  Go Audio Book Cloud


More free eBook download websites

Browse the following websites to find eBooks and magazines, fiction and non fiction for all age groups which do not require library membership for access:

Project Gutenberg

Standard eBooks


New Zealand Electronic Text Centre

Search and browse an open digital library of New Zealand and Pacific Island documentary heritage material as well as new born-digital work and research from Victoria University.

International Children’s Digital Library 

Feedbooks Public Domain

Offers original works by authors who choose to make their works available for free. 

Internet Archive and Open Library 

Over 8 million fully accessible public domain eBooks.

Need Help

eReader tutorials at the Library

We offer free tutorials for library members who need help learning how to download and open eBooks, eMagazines and eAudiobooks from websites onto their mobile devices.

 Contact us to make an appointment for a lesson:




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