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Learning English

Featuring a selection of items from our Learning English (ESOL) collection.
Updated: 5/05/2017 5:19 p.m.

Items on this page include books from the Penguin Readers series which are easy reading to improve your English, speaking and listening, IELTS and general learning English resources.



Forget to Remember book cover.

Forget to Remember

by Alan Maley

Call No: MAL

Two sisters struggle to come to terms with their mother's illness and its effect on their lives.

A New Lease of Death book cover.

A New Lease of Death

Level 5 MacMillan readers

by John Escott

Reading comprehension.  Problems, exercises, etc.

The Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side book cover.

The Mirror Crack'd From Side to Side

Level 4 Penguin readers

by Agatha Christie

Call No: CHR

Realizing that she is too old to travel, Miss Jane Marple decides she is through with crime detection, but a murder that happens almost on her doorstep changes her mind.

Ten Long Years book cover.

Ten Long Years

Level 1 Cambridge English readers

by Alan Battersby

Call No: BAT

Private investigator Nat Marley searches for a friend of a client in New York City.

Love in the Lakes book cover.

Love in the Lakes

Level 4 English readers

by Penny Hancock

Call No: HAN

On holiday in the Lake District with her new jet-skiing boyfriend, Nick, Laura meets the local vet, Robert. Robert dislikes both Laura and Nick on sight.

Within High Fences book cover.

Within High Fences

Level 2 English readers

by Penny Hancock

Call No: HAN

It was the same as every other night, but that night everything started to change.  It's the night when Nancy meets George. But it isn't easy for them to be together. There's Nancy's job and her boyfriend. And will George have to return to his own country?

Hotel Casanova book cover.

Hotel Casanova

Level 1 Cambridge English readers

by Sue Leather

Call No: LEA

This modern, original fiction tells the story of a young couple who fall in love in Venice.

Don't Stop Now! book cover.

Don't Stop Now!

Level 1 Cambridge English readers

by Philip Prowse

Call No: PRO

1. Crash!; 2. Don't stop now!; 3. The 'special' pizza; 4. The kiss of death; 5. Everything went black; 6. Don't use the gun!

Circle Games book cover.

Circle Games

Level 2 Cambridge English readers

by Frank Brennan

Call No: BRE

Five stories to make you smile, and think: a Chinese lion dancer turns round and round; an old wooden wheel sits on an English pub wall; an American teenager makes a new wheel for a car; a bicycle taxi driver in Singapore helps a sick girl; and an English student finds a strange, very old disc.

Book Boy book cover.

Book Boy

Level 0 Cambridge English readers

by Antoinette Moses

Call No: MOS

Short stories, Books are my life, Ella, Where's my laptop? I don't need Ella, Steve, A new life.

Goal II book cover.

Goal II

Level 1 Scholastic reader

by Penny Hancock

Call No: HAN

The story follows the journey of Latino footballer Santiago Munez as he plays alongside Beckham, Raul and Zidane for Real Madrid.

A Dangerous Sky book cover.

A Dangerous Sky

by Michael Austen

Call No: AUS

Eighteen-year-old Francesca comes to England to achieve her life-long ambition of learning to fly. The first lessons go really well and Doug, her instructor, describes her as a natural pilot. But when Doug's actions lead Francesca to question his motives, she starts to lose her confidence. Her dream of independence in the sky is in danger.



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