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Little Kids

Information about library activities and books for babies, preschoolers and early readers.
Updated: 16/04/2020 5:25 p.m.

Little kids activities

Preschool Funtimes. Preschool Funtimes

Weekly sessions for preschoolers and home-schooled children. More information:

What's On for Kids

A mother reading a book to her baby. Books for little kids

Books for babies

There is a large collection of chunky board books in the Children's Room that are perfect for reading aloud, teaching basic concepts and encouraging early word recognition to babies. This collection is great for introducing baby to books.

Picture books

Reading to your child will encourage a natural progression from board books to picture books. Picture books have very little text and are brimming with colourful illustrations. Your child will enjoy the story as well as spending time looking at and discussing the pictures with you.
Reading picture books to your child prepares them for learning to read for themselves.

Junior easy readers (Guided Readers)

Junior easy readers are graded in order to allow a progression through levels of reading according to your child's ability. Grades are colour coded from pink through red, yellow, orange, green, blue and brown to black. 

There are many different titles to choose from both in fiction and non-fiction. The colour code is not linked to age as each child will learn reading skills at its own pace regardless of age. This collection of books will carry your child from being an emergent reader, requiring your assistance, through to reading chapter books without your help. The secret is to allow your child to become proficient in a grade before you allow them to move on to the next grade. 



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