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Teddy Bear Sleepover

Information about our popular annual Teddy Bear Sleepovers.
Updated: 12/12/2017 4:42 p.m.

Teddy Bear Sleepover.

Teddies, Dollies and favourite Toy Animals stay the night in the Library!

Their owners come back the next morning to see what they got up to overnight when the Library was closed . . .

Evening before

5 pm - 6 pm Friday 17 November 2017

Start the evening with a BBQ 
Make a label and name tag for your toys
Listen to bedtime stories
Tuck toys in their beds, give them a hug and kiss them goodnight.

Next day

10 am - 11 am Saturday 18 November

Reunite with your toys
Watch a slide show of how they spent the night.
Spot the ones which were well behaved and the naughty ones!
Share a morning snack before taking your toys home.

The Midnight Feast

See what the teddies got up to during their overnight stay in the Library:

Teddy Bear Sleepover 2017 [4.4mb]





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