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Jigsaw Puzzles Online

Jigsaw puzzles to do online featuring images that tell the story of the Whangarei District.
Updated: 15/04/2020 6:56 p.m.

Enjoy puzzling over a jigsaw puzzle?

Pick an image below. The jigsaw opens with 100 pieces. To make the puzzle easier or harder, click on the icon with white squares and choose the number of jigsaw pieces (from 6 to 1,000).

The Whangarei District

The six illustrations below were created in partnership with local iwi. They show the story, sense of place, aspects of land, sea and significant maunga particular to the Whangarei District.

Maori legend refers to Whangārei, as the waiting place of Reipae. Reitu and Reipae were twin sisters from the Waikato region who were promised in marriage to a Far North chief Ueoneone. They were flown north by a kārearea (falcon) but argued on the way and Reipae instead landed in Whangārei. Reitu continued North and married the chief Ueoneone, while Reipae stayed in Whangarei and married a local chieftain Tahuhupotiki. All the hapu of Whangarei Te Terenga Paraoa can claim descent from this union.

Link to Brynderwun Hills to Mount Manaia online jigsaw puzzle. Opens in a new window.

Brynderwyn Hills to Mount Manaia

Whangarei is a place to gather, symbolised by the gathering of the whales in Whangarei Harbour with Manaia towering in the background.
The kārerea from Whangarei's
founding story is shown with its
wings spanning the coastline.

Link to Mangakahia online jigsaw puzzle. Opens in a new window.


Houto Mountain reigns over the Mangakahia River and Wairua Falls
 and Mangakahia Valley. The titoki
plant in the foreground, represents
 the Titoki settlement and the unity
of people from different backgrounds within the Whangarei District.

Link to Maungatapere and Maunu online jigsaw puzzles. Opens in a new window.

Maungatapere and Maunu

The lush, fertile areas of the green landscape of Maungatapere Mountain and surrounding hills. The rolling hills, animals and orchard trees pay tribute to Whangarei's agricultural heritage.

Link to Tuakaka Coast online jigsaw puzzle. Opens in a new window.

Tutukaka Coast

The iconic Tutukaka Coast, with its lighthouse, pristine beaches and
Poor Knights Islands on the horizon.
Also the pohutukawa tree, symbol
of Northland summer.
Link to Whangarei City and Parihaka online jigsaw puzzle. Opens in a new window.

​Whangarei City and Parihaka

The view from Te Matau ā Pohe into
the Town Basin, across Whangarei
city and to Parihaka, with some of
 the iconic landmarks of Whangarei.

Link to Whangaruru online jigsaw puzzle. Opens in a new window.


 Huruiki Mountain and the Whangaruru coastal hillscape spans down to Oakura Bay, where a pohutukawa grows on the foreshore. Gathering kaimoana is represented by a whai (stingray) as a guardian in the sea where shellfish is gathered.
The tukaiaia bird in the sky provides guardianship over both the land and the sea.



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