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Winners of the 2016 Short Story Competition for Young Writers

The winners of the 2016 Short Story Competition for Young Writers hosted by Whangarei Friends of the Library in conjunction with Whangarei Libraries.
Updated: 4/01/2017 8:58 a.m.

Short Story Competition for Young Writers.

Congratulations to all our winners!

The winners were announced at a prize giving ceremony on Monday 31 October in Whangarei:

 9 to 11 years

1st: Jessica Liu

2nd: Keira Hardham 

3rd: Ben Magee

Highly Commended:  Paige Cleaver, Anais Hall, Zoe Ireson. 

 12 to 14 years

1st: Aimee Clernow

2nd: Ben Murray 

3rd: Caitlin Morris

Highly Commended:  Kate Barrett, Hanna Ireson and Ronan Payinda. 

 15 to 18 years

1st: Abby Buckthought

2nd: Tikva van der Vlugt

3rd: Vaanipriya Diwan

Highly Commended:  Levi Cohen, Jessica MacMenigall, Devon Pomfrett.




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