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 Spring into Summer Talk Series : Dr Bruce Hayward

Spring Into Summer Talk Series - Dr Bruce Hayward - Out of the Ocean, Into the Fire.
Friday 8 December 2017 at 10:30 am - 12:00 pm
May Bain Room, Whangarei Central Library
Cost: Prior registration and gold coin
Contact: Whangarei Libraries +64 9 430 4206 or email

Out of the Ocean, Into the Fire by Dr Bruce Hayward. Out of the Ocean, Into the Fire

An exploration of northern New Zealand's
300-million-year history

Semi-retired research geologist, paleontologist and marine ecologist Dr Bruce Hayward, will present an illustrated talk about his latest book Out of the Ocean, Into the Fire which tells, for the first time, the fascinating geological history of the formation of Northland, Auckland and the Coromandel Peninsula and the history of its past animal and plant life.

The oldest rocks were formed on the deep floor of the ancient Pacific Ocean, between 270 and 25 million years ago. Some were plastered onto the side of the supercontinent of Gondwana about 150-100 million years ago, before they split away to become ancient New Zealand. Then 25 million years ago, 100,000 cubic kilometres of ocean floor rocks 35 million year-old fossil starfish from near Whangarei Heads. were pushed up out of the ocean and slid hundreds of kilometres southwest to cover all of ancient Northland. Since then the later history has been dominated by the most violent and diverse volcanic activity to occur in a region of this size anywhere on Earth.

The present-day shape and landforms of the region reflect its more recent history with local uplift, erosion, volcanic activity, construction of New Zealand’s largest sand-dune barriers and harbours and moulding of the coast by the oscillating sea levels during the Ice Ages. 

35 million year-old fossil starfish
from near Whangarei Heads

Dr Bruce Hayward. Dr Bruce Hayward


Bruce Hayward is recently retired principal scientist at the Auckland-based independent research group Geomarine Research. In addition to his research as a geologist and marine ecologist he gives talks on geology to many public groups, leads field trips and has written 22 books on aspects of New Zealand’s fossils, geology, marine ecology, conservation, archaeology and history.

Among his popular publications are:
Volcanoes of Auckland: The Essential Guide (with Graeme Murdoch and Gordon Maitland)
A Field Guide to Auckland (with Ewen Cameron and Graeme Murdoch)
The Restless Country: Volcanoes and Earthquakes of New Zealand (with Geoff Cox)
Granite and Marble: A Guide to NZ Building Stones
Precious Land - Protecting New Zealand's Landforms and Geological Features
Kauri Gum and the Gumdigger

Kauri Timber Dams
The Story of NZ Fossils
Cinemas of Auckland. 

Bruce is a past President of the Geological Society of New Zealand, a former member of the New Zealand Conservation Authority and the Auckland Conservation Board. Former positions have included Palaeontologist at the NZ Geological Survey, Curator of Marine Invertebrates at Auckland Museum and James Cook Research Fellow at Auckland University. He was made a Member of NZ Order of Merit in 2006 for services to earth science conservation.

Audience question-time will follow this discussion and signed copies of Out of the Ocean, Into the Fire, will be available for purchase.

Fully booked - registration has closed .




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