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This page contains lists of popular teen reads, reviews, what's coming soon and links to teen book websites. 
Updated: 27/10/2015 1:18 p.m.
Quote by Goucho Marx "Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog, it's too dark to read."

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A New Darkness book cover.

A New Darkness

by Joseph Delaney

Call No: DEL

For years, the local Spook kept the country safe from evil. But now his time has ended, and there is only one boy who can do the job – Thomas Ward.  Now Thomas must take on an apprentice, a girl called Jenny who is untested but willing to be trained in the dangerous life of a Spook.
The last book in the Spooks Apprentice series.
Also available as an eBook.

Black Friday book cover.

Black Friday

by Robert Muchamore

Call No: MUC

Spy Stories
The third book in the Cherub 2 series.
Sent on a mission to stop the largest terrorist plot ever orchestrated, Ryan, a member of the secret CHERUB organisation, plans a high stakes defense that depends on his youthful appearance, and his agency's official non-existance.

Read It!



The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian book cover.

The Absolutely True Diary of a Part-Time Indian

by Sherman Alexie

Call No: ALE

Much of the authors writing draws on his experiences as a Native American. This award winning book tells of how Junior leaves his school on the Spokane Indian Reservation to attend an all-white high school.

“Do you know why the Indian rain dances always worked? Because the Indians would keep dancing until it rained.”
― Alexie Sherman
This Teen book is often challenged by censors, you be the judge.

Z for Zachariah book cover.

Z for Zachariah

by Robert C. O'Brien

Call No: OBR

Classic Dystopia
Seemingly the only person left alive after a nuclear war, a sixteen-year-old girl is relieved to see a man arrive into her valley until she realizes that he is a tyrant and she must somehow escape.
One of the first YA novels along with Louise Lawrence's "Children of the Dust" that both dealt with surviving a Nuclear holocaust.

Go Ask Alice book cover.

Go Ask Alice

by Anonymous

Call No: GO

This ground-breaking classic is more compelling than ever for today's readers.  A sensation when it was first published, and a perennial bestseller ever since.  This real-life diary charts an anonymous teenage girl's struggle with the seductive, and often fatal, world of drugs.

This book, along with Judy Blume's books 'Forever' and 'Are you there God? It's me Margaret' and S. E. Hinton's 'The Outsiders', caused quite a stir in their day.

Teardrop book cover.


by Kate Lauren

Call No: KAT

Since Eureka's mother drowned, she wishes she were dead too, but after discovering that an ancient book is more than a story Eureka begins to believe that Ander is right about her being involved in strange things, and in grave danger.

Dreams of Gods and Monsters book cover.

Dreams of Gods and Monsters

by Laini Taylor

Book three in the Daughter of Smoke and Bone trilogy. 
Coming April 2014.

Illusion book cover.


Chronicles of Nick

by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Life spent serving the undead is anything except ordinary. And those out to get him have summoned an ancient force so powerful even the gods fear it. As Nick learns to command and control the elements, the one he must master in order to combat his latest foe is the one most likely to destroy him. As the old proverb goes, fire knows nothing of mercy, and if Nick is to survive this latest round, he will have to sacrifice a part of himself. However, the best sacrifice is seldom the sanest move. Sometimes it's the one that leaves your enemies confused.

Lament book cover.


by Maggie Stiefvater

Call No: STI

On the day of the music competitions Deirdre who suffers from performance nerves finds unexpected help from a flute player named Dillion. This is the beginning of a strange turn of events that involve her family and her best friend James a talented pipe player. Deidre keeps finding four leaf clovers these bring her luck and open her eyes to the strange world of Faerie. As her world becomes stranger she learns that on her sixteenth birthday she came into her power as a Clover Hand. A Human with some magical abilities and exceptional musical abilities, the combination of this makes her a Faerie magnet. Some of the Fey want her to join them, others want to kill her and take her power. So why is Luke being so nice to her?
Also available as an eBook.

Ballad book cover.


by Maggie Stiefvater

Call No: STI

James and Deirdre have been accepted into an elite music school. Things are awkward between James and Dee, they are only seeing each other occasionally and then never saying what they want to, instead they both text each other but never send the message. Dee is still attracting the wrong type of attention from the Fey and James piping has made him the target of Nuala a faerie muse who offers musical greatness in exchange for a year of his life. Mean while the new Faerie Queen has plans for Deirdries life.

Maggie Stiefvater website.

Northern Lights book cover.

The Northern Lights

by Philip Pullman

Call No: PUL

Accompanied by her daemon, Lyra Belacqua sets out to prevent her best friend and other kidnapped children from becoming the subject of gruesome experiments in the Far North.
Well written series. Also published as the Golden Compass.

Pegasus book cover.


by Robin Mckinley

Call No: MCK

Because of a thousand-year-old alliance between humans and pegasi, Princess Sylvi is ceremonially bound to Ebon, her own pegasus, on her twelfth birthday, but the closeness of their bond becomes a threat to the status quo and possibly to the safety of their two nations.
This was recommended by a friend. Would recommend it to girls who like horse stories and fantasy.

Tithe book cover.


A Modern Faerie Tale

by Holly Black

Call No: BLA

After returning home from a tour with her mother's rock band, sixteen-year-old Kaye, who has been visited by faeries since childhood, discovers that she herself is a magical faerie creature with  a special destiny.
Part one in a Modern Tale of Faierie Series. Good.

Skin Hunger book cover.

Skin Hunger

by Kathleen Duey

Call No: DUE

In alternate chapters, Sadima travels from her farm home to the city and becomes assistant to a heartless man who is trying to restore knowledge of magic to the world, and a group of boys fights to survive in the academy that has resulted from his efforts.
Well written and quite dark.

Entwined book cover.


by Heather Dixon

Call No: DIX

Confined to their dreary castle while mourning their mother's death, Princess Azalea and her eleven sisters join The Keeper, who is trapped in a magic passageway, in a nightly dance that soon becomes nightmarish.
I just loved it!

Life As We Knew It book cover.

Life As We Knew It

by Susan Beth Pfeffer

Call No: PFE

Miranda’s disbelief turns to fear in a split second when a meteor knocks the moon closer to the earth.  How should her family prepare for the future when worldwide tsunamis wipe out the coasts, earthquakes rock the continents, and volcanic ash blocks out the sun? 
Part One of the series, Last Survivors.
Also available as an EBook.

Lost Voices book cover.

Lost Voices

by Sarah Porter

Call No: POR

Fourteen-year-old Luce has had a tough life, but she reaches the depths of despair when she is assaulted and left on the cliffs outside of a grim, grey Alaskan fishing village.  She expects to die when she tumbles into the icy waters below,  instead she is transformed into a mermaid.
If you have ever wondered how a mermaid is created and why they have such blood thirsty natures then read this.
Part one in the Lost Voices Trilogy.

Also available as an eBook.

Ashfall book cover.


by Mike Mullin

Call No: MUL

For Alex, being left alone for the weekend means having the freedom to play computer games and hang out with his friends without hassle from his mother.  Then the Yellowstone super volcano erupts, plunging his hometown into a nightmare of darkness, ash, and violence. Alex begins a harrowing trek to search for his family and finds help in Darla, a travel partner he meets along the way. Together they must find the strength and skills to survive and outlast an epic disaster.
Part one of the Ashfall Trilogy.
Also available as an eBook.

Ashes book cover.


by Ilsa J. Bick

Call No: BIC

A new world order has emerged after huge electronic pulses destroy all electronic gadgets and communication. Healthy People aged from their early 20's to late 50's drop dead. Young children survive and teenagers turn into brain zapped, primative flesh eating others. Of course there are a few exceptions.
This story is about Alex and her stuggle to survive and the other survivors she meets on the way.
I enjoyed this book, it is well written and takes a different slant on things.

Beauty Queens book cover.

Beauty Queens

by Libba Bray

Call No: BRA

When a plane full of teenage beauty queens crashes on a remote Island, the surviving girls are forced to push themselves to the limit in order to survive.  This plane full of driven, self absorbed, uniquely talented beauty queens is nothing like your usual survival novel.

Beauty Queens was placed as one of the best teen books for 2011. Also available as a talking book.

Emerald Green book cover.

Emerald Green

by Kerstin Gier

Call No: GIE

Paranormal Romance
Gwen has a destiny to fulfill, but no one will tell her what it is. She's only recently learned that she is the Ruby, the final member of the time traveling Circle of Twelve, and since then nothing has been going right. She suspects the founder of the Circle, Count Saint German, is up to something nefarious, but nobody will believe her. And she's just learned that her charming time traveling partner, Gideon, has probably been using her all along.

Will book cover.


by Maria Boyd

Call No: BOY

Real Life Fiction
Will has had a difficult six months since his father died. He has been acting out and getting into trouble. The last straw for the school is when he moons the local girls school bus. Instead of expelling him his teachers rally and suggest that he use his musical talent to help out in the school musical. A certain social death.
This is a well written, enjoyable read with lots of humor, that deals with social stereotypes and grief in an interesting way.

Riding Invisible book cover.

Riding invisible

by Sandra Alonzo

Call No: ALO

Real Life Fiction
In Southern California, fifteen-year-old Yancy Aparacio, fed up with the physical and mental abuse his older brother Will inflicts, runs away on his horse, Shy, and tries to become invisible. This is Yancy's journal, written while he is on the run from his older brother Will, who has a condition called Conduct Disorder. The condition is often linked to serial killers. Will is manipulative, clever and cruel and he has made Yancys life miserable. He has suffered in silence until Will attacks his best friend, his horse named Sly.
I was surprised how much I enjoyed this book, the book looks hand written, and is illustrated. Easy to read. If you want to try something a little different, read this.

Smile book cover.


by Raina Telgemeier

Call No: RAI

Graphic Novel - Real Life Fiction
A Graphic Novel about Raina's abventures or should I say misadventures at the dentist. This is one unlucky kid, she knocks out her two front teeth, then has them put back only to find that after the plaster comes off her teeth have gone up to far, she then has to have fake teeth and braces to pull her smile back into place.
This book is fantastic, any teenager about to get braces will be able to relate to Raina, she is a typical teenager wtih a weird sense of humour. I love the way she discovers herself along the way.

An Abundance of Katherines book cover

An Abundance of Katherines

by John Green

Call No: GRE

Dumped by 19 girls named Katherine, child prodigy Colin Singleton and his best friend take a heart-healing road trip where Colin hopes to prove mathematically that relationships are predictable and earn his way into adulthood as a certified genius.

The Girl in the Steel Corset book cover.

The Girl in the Steel Corset

by Kady Cross

Call No: CRO

Finley is unnaturally strong and has a dark side to her nature that she is unable to control. She is taken in by Griffin King who sees her potential and holds the secret to her personality. Set in 1897 England in a bizarre world of machines and evil automations.
Enjoyed this. The story is based on the Dr jekyll and Mr Hyde experiment.

Dark Inside book cover.

Dark Inside

by Jeyn Roberts

Call No: ROB

Science Fiction
Violent earthquakes herald the begining of the end for civilization as dark thoughts invade the minds of many of the survivors who then hunt down normal humans so they can feed on their fear.
Great end of the world science fiction, dark thoughts that give rise to humans who kill other people for fun. Even amoungst the normal survivors there are those who could become warriors for the good or give themselves over to dark thoughts.

A Long, Long Sleep book cover.

A Long, Long Sleep

by Anna Sheehan

Call No: SHE

Science Fiction
Rosalinda Fitzroy has been locked away in a chemically induced sleep for 62 years when she is discovered by accident and revived by a kiss. It's a bit of a shock to discover that her parents are dead and she has become the heir to an interplanetary empire. Not every body is happy to see her, and she is persuded by a killer humanoid robot called a plastine.
Science Fiction based on Sleeping Beauty. Fun.

The Sky Inside book cover.

The Sky Inside

by Clare B. Dunkle

Call No: DUN

Science Fiction
Martin lives in a 'perfect world' under the protective dome of suburb HM1, where every year a new generation of genetically-engineered children is shipped out to meet their parents. And it's all about to come crashing down because a stranger has come to take away all the little children, including Martin's sister, Cassie, and no one wants to talk about where  they have gone.  Martin has a choice either to remain in the dubious safety of HM1, or to break out of the suburb into the mysterious land outside.
What can happen when we trust the people in power to have your best interests at heart. Interesting Sci Fi.

XVI book cover.


by Julia Karr

Call No: KAR

Science Fiction
At fifteen, Nina Oberon leads a pretty normal life that includes family, friends, and school. However, Nina lives in a totalitarian future society in which all girls are required to get to a Governing Council-ordered "XVI" wrist tattoo on their 16th birthdays, announcing to the world that they are ready for sex. Becoming a "sex-teen" is Nina's worst fear until, right before her birthday, her mother is brutally attacked and reveals a shocking truth to Nina with her dying breaths that changes everything Nina thought she knew about her life. Now, alone but for her younger sister, Nina must try to discover who she really is, all the while staying one step ahead of her mother's killer.
Interesting, a world controlled by the media. Unfortunately it is not hard to imagine this happening. A story about thinking for yourself. Good.

Cinder book cover.


by Marissa Meyer

Call No: MEY

As plague ravages the overcrowded Earth, observed by a ruthless lunar people, Cinder, a gifted mechanic and cyborg, becomes involved with handsome Prince Kai.  A futuristic take on the Cinderella story.
I always enjoy a reworked fairy tale.
Also available as an Talking Book or an eAudio book.

The Berlin Boxing Club book cover.

The Berlin Boxing Club

by Robert Sharenow

Call No: SHA

In 1936 Berlin, fourteen-year-old Karl Stern, considered Jewish despite a non-religious upbringing, learns to box from the legendary Max Schmeling while struggling with the realities of the Holocaust. This was an interesting view point. Unlike his father and sister Karl did not look Jewish so in lots of ways he is sheltered from some of the brutality of war. His family like so many thought the whole thing would blow over.
This is a well written thought provoking book. I even learnt a bit about boxing.

City of heavenly Fire book cover.

City of Heavenly Fire

by Cassandra Clare

The sixth book in the Mortal instruments series. 

Cassandra Clare's website.

Hollow City book cover.

Hollow City

by Ransom Riggs

Call No: RIG

Book Two Miss Peregrine series. 

Daughter of Smoke and Bone book cover.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone

by Laini Taylor

Call No: TAY

Karou is a seventeen year old art student who runs errands for the closest thing she has to a family. They are fantastical creatures called the Chimeras, part human, part animal. Her guardian Brimstone trades in Human teeth. These serve as the basis for all human wishes. Karou is caught in the human world when a beautiful stranger leaves hand prints burnt into the portals to the other world, destroying her way home and exposing her to a war she never knew existed, and torn between love for a beautiful enemy and loyalty to her Chimera family.

Infinity book cover.


by Sherrilyn Kenyon

Call No: KEN

Fourteen-year-old sarcastic, street-savvy Nick is drawn into the world of the Dark-Hunters, but must hide his participation in the battle against werewolves, vampires, and zombies from his mother and high school principal.

My first voyage into the world of Zombies. I liked it.
Watch out for Part Two - Invincible, due out soon.

City of Ashes book cover.

City of Ashes

by Cassandra Clare

Call No: CLA

Sixteen-year-old Clary continues trying to make sense of the swiftly changing events and relationships in her life as she becomes further involved with the Shadowhunters and their pursuit of demons and discovers some terrifying truths about her parents, her brother Jace, and her boyfriend Simon.
One of the best series to come out of 2010.

Stork book cover.


by Wendy Delsol

Call No: DEL

After her parents' divorce, Katla and her mother move from Los Angeles to Norse Falls, Minnesota, where Kat immediately alienates two boys at her high school and, improbably, discovers a kinship with a mysterious group of elderly women (the Icelandic Stork Society) who 'deliver souls.'
This is Wendy's first novel.
Good. I have read a lot of Fantasy novels and this is the first time I have come across a modern day take on human storks and Jack Frost.

Hold Me Closer Necromancer book cover.

Hold Me Closer Necromancer

by Lish McBride

Call No: MCB

Sam LaCroix, a Seattle fast-food worker and college dropout, discovers that he is a necromancer, part of a world of harbingers, werewolves, satyrs, and one particular necromancer who sees Sam as a threat to his lucrative business of raising the dead.
I'm not usually into books about people who can raise the dead, but this one was only slightly creepy and full of humour. So yes I enjoyed it.

Soul Enchilada book cover.

Soul Enchilada

by David Macinnis Gill

Call No: GIL

After a demon appears to repossess Grace's car, she discovers that both the car and her soul were given as collateral in a deal made with the Devil by her irresponsible grandfather, eighteen-year-old Bug Smoot, given two-days' grace, tries to find ways to outsmart the Devil and his minions.
Good Off Beat Fiction.

Coldest Girl in Coldtown book cover.

The Coldest Girl in Coldtown

by Holly Black

Call No: BLA

Coldtown was created in an effort to contain the spread of Vampirism, once you go through the gates you can never come out. So when Tana wakes up following a party in the aftermath of a violent vampire attack, and discovers that the only survivours are herself, her ex-boyfriend and a chained vampire boy she rescues them and travels to Coldtown, a city full of vampires, because she fears she has been infected. Along the way they pick up a brother and sister heading to Coldtown in the hopes of becoming vampire.

This story has it all, guilt, revenge, love, horror.  I enjoyed it.

Red Moon Rising book cover.

Red Moon Rising

by Peter Moore

Call No: MOO

In a world where vampires dominate and werewolves are despised, a teenaged half-vampire discovers his recessive werewolf genes are developing with the approaching full moon.mThe ultimate mixed up teen. If you thought you had problems imagine being a half wolf half Vampire. This is about accepting who you are. Easy to read, entertaining.

The Silver Kiss book cover.

The Silver Kiss

by Annette Curtis Klause

Call No: KLA

A mysterious teenage boy harboring a dark secret helps Zoë come to terms with her mother's terminal illness, and in the accompanying short stories, more is revealed of Simon's past and Zoë's future.
Three linked stories. This Vampire tale is about love, lost and found. And coming to terms with death. An ALA Award book. Enjoyed it.

The Book Thief book cover.

The Book Thief

by Markus Zusak

Call No: ZUS

Trying to make sense of the horrors of World War II, Death relates the story of Liesel. A young German girl whose book-stealing, and story-telling talents help sustain her family, and the Jewish man they are hiding, as well as their neighbours.
Cross over book. A challenging and interesting read. Quickly becoming a classic.
Also available in DVD or Talking Book.



Lost Boy, Lost Girl book cover.

Lost Boy, Lost Girl

Escaping Civil War in Sudan

by John Bul Dau

Call No: 962.40 DAU

One of thousands of children who fled strife in southern Sudan, John Bul Dau survived hunger, exhaustion, and violence. His wife, Martha, endured similar hardships. Both authors talk about their own experiences. Marthas contribution is particularly important because a womens point of view is rarley heard. The aid organisations did not realise there was a problem with lost girls because of the Dinka tradition of putting the girls in foster families.

Surviving the Angel of Death book cover.

Surviving the Angel of Death

The story of a Mengele twin in Auschwitz

by Eva Mozes Kor

Call No: 940.53 KOR

Eva was 10 when she arrived at Auschwitz concentration camp. While her parents and older sisters were sent to the gas chambers, she and her identical twin Miriam were given into the care of Dr Josef Mengele otherwise known as the Angel of Death, and subjected to medical experiments.
This is a story of survival and forgiveness. It is easy to read despite the horrific content.



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