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BookMyne mobile app

Information about the BookMyne app for Apple iOS devices to search the library catalogue and manage your library card account.
Updated: 20/12/2019 10:11 a.m.


Picture of BookMyne application on a smart phone.

We have got a free app for the Library catalogue and your library card!

BookMyne™ makes it quick and easy to access your library account on the go with Apple iOS devices. It is no longer available for Android devices.

Search the library catalogue, renew or request items and find suggested reading instantly with your mobile device:

  • Search the library catalogue: Search for items by title, author, subject or general keyword and place holds on interesting items.

  • Manage your account: Keep track of your checked-out items, holds, fines and account information. You can quickly renew items when you are out and about.

  • Use the bookshelf feature: Make lists of titles and their details of books, DVDs and CDs directly from the catalogue for later reading or recommending to your friends.  

  • Find suggested reading: Can't decide what to read next? Get recommendations powered by Goodreads. Or check out the latest best-selling and award-winning titles.

  • Search by barcode: Use your device’s camera to scan the barcode on a book, CD, DVD or other item at a friend’s house or bookstore and search for available copies at the library.

Getting started

Download the free BookMyne app onto your mobile device from iTunes App Store for Apple iOS devices:

Link to BookMyne app on Apple iTunes Store website. Opens in a new window.


Picture of the BookMyne app icon.

Picture of BookMyne library selection screen.

 Tap BookMyne icon to open. 


Select your preferred library branch

If you have Location Services switched on, BookMyne will automatically try to locate the libraries near your present location. Tap the plus icon next to the name of your preferred branch to select.

If you are outside the Whangarei District, use the Search 
by Library Name facility to select one of the following Whangarei Libraries branches: (Whangarei) Central Library, Kamo Library, Onerahi Library, Mobile Library or
Tikipunga Library.

Picture of BookMyne library account log in screen. Set up your account

Tap My Account button and enter:

  • Your library card number - the 9 digit G number on the back of your library card. 
    (Note: the 2nd digit is zero, not the letter 'O').
  • Enter your PIN
    (if you do not have a PIN, try the last 4 digits of your home telephone number). 
  • If you don't want BookMyne to remember your login information on your device, tap the locks in the Library Card No. and PIN fields.

To quickly place requests or holds on items while using the search facility, it is best to log into your account before starting to search the library catalogue.


Picture of BookMyne library acccount home screen. Your Library account home screen

The home screen displays:

  • Your preferred library branch
  • Search the library catalogue field
  • My Account field with your account number.
    A notification badge (red button with a number) will display if you have items due soon, or holds ready for collection. Tap this field to see a list of all the items on your library account.
  • My Bookshelf is where you will find the BookMyne user guide and is useful for creating lists after searching for items in the catalogue then save them for future reference, e.g. save a list of books for your holiday. You can place requests from this list. To find out how to add and manage lists, refer to the My Bookshelf section in BookMyne user guide.  
    Note: The download eBooks facility is not available through this app at Whangarei District Libraries.
  • Suggested Reading Tap this field to access recommended reading from Awards (award winners), Popular (best-sellers) and Social (links to Goodreads website). 
    Note: To use Goodreads facility you will need a Goodreads account. Follow the link below to sign up for a free Goodreads account:


Search the library catalogue

Tap the arrow next to drop down list to search by general keyword, title, author, subject.
Type in search terms and tap the magnifying glass icon.

To search by barcode

  • Choose Barcode from the list. The keyboard appears. You can enter the barcode numbers manually or tap the camera icon.
  • Your device will open its camera and display a viewfinder screen. Use the viewfinder to make sure the entire barcode is visible to your device's camera.
  • Your device automatically scans the barcode and searches for matches in the library catalogue.
  • If a match is found, BookMyne displays the match.
    If no match is found, an error message is displayed 'No results found'.


Picture of BookMyne place a hold screen. To place a hold or request on an item

  • Tap the round button on the left of the items' cover image and a tick will appear. Then tap Place Hold field.
  • Tap Email to email send details of the item to yourself or as a recommendation to others.
  • Tap Save it to My List to add to your list in My Bookshelf.

For more details about an item tap it's field for information about it's availability, summary, the author and reviews.

Picture of BookMyne action icon. To place a hold from this screen tap the action button in the top right hand corner.


Search history

After performing a search in BookMyne, it remembers the terms you have entered. Clicking on the terms will perform the search again. You can edit the history of your searches and delete old terms.

Picture of BookMyne My Account details screen. Using My Account

Tapping My Account field on the BookMyne home screen will display an overview of your library account.

From this screen you can do any of the following actions:

  • Log in and out of different library accounts
  • See notification badges
  • View and renew checked out items
  • View and cancel current holds
  • View fines and fees
  • Change your password.
Tapping each field will display more details about your library account.

Picture of BookMyne renew library items screen. Renew items

  • Tap Checked Out Items section
  • Tap the circle next to the item you want to renew
  • A tick will appear if the item is available to renew
  • Tap the action button Picture of BookMyne action icon.
  • Tap Renew Checked field
  • The item is renewed.
If the circle next to the item appears as a black dot and a Privilege has expired message pops up, it cannot be renewed because:
  • The item has already been renewed twice
  • It has existing holds placed on it
  • It is a latest issue magazine on 3 day loan
  • It is a new release movie DVD.

Cancelling Holds

  • Tap the Holds section
  • Tap the circle next to the Hold you want to cancel
  • Tap the action button Picture of BookMyne action icon.
  • Tap Cancel Checked Holds field
  • The cancelled Hold will disappear.

Picture of BookMyne options screen. BookMyne settings

From BookMyne's Settings screen, you can change these options:

  • Notifications When alerts display for items approaching their due dates - choose from 1 day through 7 days before due date.
  • Distance unit of nearest libraries - choose either kilometres or miles
  • Account Update How often BookMyne syncs with the Library catalogue to update your account - choose from now to every 2, 4 or 8 hours.


To find the settings page

  • Picture of BookMyne home button. Navigate to the BookMyne home screen by tapping the home icon in the upper-right corner.
  • Tap the action button Picture of BookMyne action icon.
  • Tap Settings and the settings screen appears.




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