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My Library Account Guide

This page contains helpful tips for using your My Library Card account.
Updated: 15/10/2019 4:19 p.m.

Links to library catalogue and My Account log in appear in the purple and orange boxes at the top of all pages throughout this website:

Link buttons to the library catalogue on Whangarei District Libraries website.

  • The purple button to goes to the library catalogue home page where you can log in to your account by clicking on either Log In or My Account in the top blue banner (see below).

  • The orange My Account button is a direct link to the Log In window.

Log In on the library catalogue website

The log in link to your library card account appears in the top blue banner of all the library catalogue pages:

My Library Account links in the top banner of the library catalogue website.   

Click on either Log In (1) or My Account (2) and the log in window below opens:

Library Card No

  • type in the 9 digit G number on the back of your library card
  • note: for numbers beginning with G07 or G08, the second digit is zero, not the letter 'O'.


  • if you do not have a PIN number, try the last 4 digits of your home telephone number.
    This is your default PIN number if you have not selected one yourself.
  • you can change your PIN number when you log in:
    - click My Account then the Change PIN tab.

Click Log In button.

My Account

When you have successfully logged in your name will appear in the top blue banner.

My Account details in the library catalogue.

Click My Account link (1) to see your library card account details.

Getting around in My Account

There are four My Account tabs: Personal Information, Checkouts, Holds and Fines.
Click on a tab to open it up.

Understanding the summary box

The summary box (2) gives you a quick overview of the number of items you have currently checked out, the number of items you have on hold and the amount of fines you owe your Library.

You can click a heading, e.g. Checkouts (3) to open the corresponding tab.

The summary box also shows your user status. Some statuses prevent you from performing certain actions (if you have unpaid fines, you may have a status that prevents you from renewing items you have checked out).

If you have questions about your status please contact the Library.

Alert icons

Alert icons (4) will appear in My Account when a new action is available to you.

E.g. if you have a hold that is ready for you to pick up, you will see an alert icon on your Holds tab and in your summary box next to the Holds heading. Alert icons will appear when:

  • You have overdue checkouts

  • You have holds that are ready for you to pick up

  • You have any new or unpaid fines

Personal Information

This tab has four sections:

  • User information (your name will appear as the heading),

  • Change PIN,

  • Preferences

  • Group Members
    Note: If you are not a member of a group, the Group Members section won't display in your Personal Information tab.

User information

The User information section displays your personal information. If you see something that is inaccurate or outdated, please contact the Library.

Change PIN

Change PIN lets you designate a new Personal Identification Number or password for your Library account.

The PIN cannot be more than 10 characters in length – it can be a mix of letters and numerals.

Important: If you have forgotten your PIN, contact the library for instructions on how you can be assigned a new PIN.


Set up your personal preferences in the Preferences section. You can configure these options:


  • Default My Account Tab lets you select which tab (Personal Information, Checkouts, Holds or Fines) opens when you access the My Account page.
  • Preferred List lets you select a default My List. When you add a title to your lists, the program adds it to the default list. If you select "no default list", the program prompts you to select a list.
    You can create a list to use as your preferred list in the My Lists page (see Adding/Deleting Lists).
  • Preferred Pickup Library lets you select which Library you want to use as the library where you go to pickup holds.
  • Keep my checkout history lets you specify if you want the system to keep a record of your checkout history that you can then view in the Checkouts tab.

Group Members

If you are a member of a library group, you will be able to see the members of that group in this section.


If you have any new or unpaid fines, an alert icon will appear in the Fines tab.
Fines detail windowin the Library catalogue.

If you owe fines to multiple accounts, you will see more than one Current Fines and Group Fines sections.

Accruing Fines

An accruing fine is a fine that is added to over time (e.g. for a late book that is fined more every day that it is not checked in past the due date).
Go to the Accruing Fines section to view any accruing fines assessed to your Library account.

Current Fines

Go to the Current Fines section to view any new or unpaid fines.
You can click on the title or image of any item to view its detail page.  

Group Fines

If you belong to a user group, the Group Accruing Fines section will display all accruing fines assessed to the members of the group and the Group Fines section will display the total fine amount assessed to all members of the group.
Note: If you are not a member of a group, the Group Fines and Group Accruing Fines sections will not display in your Fines tab.

Paying Fines

Fines can be paid by visiting the library or using My Monitor for online payments.

Payment History

You can view a history of any payments you have made to fines in the Payment History section. This section will display the dates you made payments and the amount that was paid.






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