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Viewing Details of an Item

Information about search results individual item details window in the library catalogue.
Updated: 16/03/2021 4:33 p.m.

Item details view in the Library Catalogue.

Detail display

When you click on a search result title or image, a new window displays details for that item.

In the catalogue data, you might see links (blue text) (1) Author's name or (2) Subject Terms, that you can click to begin a new search for that link's content.

The Available tab (3) contains information about number of copies of the item the library holds, its location(s), shelf number (or Call number) and lending periods.

The Summary tab (4) contains summaries, reviews, excerpts, etc.

Close window button in the Library Catalogue. Click the Close button at top right hand side of the window to close the item detail view or click anywhere outside the detail display window.


Click the Next and Previous buttons (5) to view the detail page of the next or previous item. The order of the items is the same as it is on the search results page.

Placing a hold or requests

Items that are available for loan (i.e. not reference only), will have a Place Hold button (6) that you can click to put the item on hold.

Click the Place Hold button next to your selected item – it is best to be logged into your into your Library card account before searching. A window will open where you can select the library you wish to pick up the item:

Place Holds window with Library pickup selector drop down.

Note: You can also place a hold on an item by using the Select An Action menu (7).

eBooks and eAudiobooks

You can also search, preview and borrow OverDrive eBooks and eAudiobooks through the library catalogue.

Library catalogue - Digital Library.


If the item is an eBook the Preview and Download buttons will appear.

You can search and download eBooks and eAudiobooks from BorrowBox, OverDrive/Nove-L and Wheelers ePlatform directly from our catalogue.

To view a sample of an eBook, click the Preview button and follow the directions.

You can easily download eBooks by clicking the Download button.

A window will appear and ask you to select an eBook reader or format. Select your preferred reader or format and the eBook will begin to download.

The eBook is added to your Bookshelf on the BorrowBox, OverDrive, Libby or Wheelers Pplatform websites or apps.

Go to either the website or app, open your Bookshelf to read, listen to or transfer the eBook.

Selecting an Action

From the Select An Action drop-down menu (7), you can place a hold on the item, add the item to My Lists and email or print item information.




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