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Limiting Search Results

How to use the limit search results feature in the Library Catalogue.
Updated: 28/05/2020 4:11 p.m.

Refining search resultsLimit Search Results panel in the Library Catalogue.

Keyword searches will often bring up multiple pages of results that can easily be refined to narrowed down to the specific items you are looking for.  

Using the Show Only Available option


Click the Show Only Available button (1) to limit your search results to only items that are available for checkout.

Using limits

Limits are organized by: Author, Subject, Format, Publication Date, Library, Collection, Electronic Format (for eBooks) and Age Group.

You can use limits in one of the following ways:


  • Click on a limit to narrow your search results to meet that limit.
    E.g. if you click on Books in the Format field your search results will only include items that are books.
  • Select a limit or multiple limits to include in or exclude from your search results.
    You can select one or multiple limits within a single field by clicking the check box next to the limit(s).
  • Click the Include button (2) If you want to include limits in your search results
    E.g. if you select to include Books and DVDs, your search results will only include books or DVDs.
  • Click the Exclude (3) button to exclude limits from your search results. 
    E.g. if you select to exclude Books and DVDs, your search results will include everything but books and DVDs.
  • Use the More and Fewer (4) options to expose or hide limits within a field incrementally.
    You can also use the Expand All or Collapse All options to either show all limits in a field, or go back to only showing the first five.

Using the Publication Date limit options

The Publication Date limit (5) has two views:
Graph, and Date. You can toggle between the two.
The Date view works just like any other limit.
The Graph view, however, has some other options:

  • Use the sliders to create a date range
    (e.g. 1971 - 1990).  Then select whether you want to include or exclude that date range in your search results
  • Enter a date range in the text box (e.g. 1971 - 1990). If you want the date range to have no end (up to the current time), leave the second text box blank (e.g. 1971 - ).
    Likewise, if you want the date range to go back as far as it can go, leave the first text box blank (e.g. -  1971 ).
  • Click the buttons to select whether you want to include or exclude that date range in your search results.

Removing limits

Any limits you have applied will appear in the Narrowed by section at the top of the panel. Limits you have included in search results will have a plus (+) sign; limits you have excluded will have a minus (–) sign.

Delete button in the Library Catalogue. Click the Delete button to remove an individual limit, or remove all limits by clicking the Clear all button (6).



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